My Favorite Resources

General Curriculum Resources

Emergent Mathematics Problem Based Curriculum Maps

This is a great place to start, both in terms of curriculum ideas, as well as to familiarize yourself with the best the MathTwitterBlogosphere has to offer. The curriculum maps are tied to the common core standards.

Illustrative Mathematics

Another great place to start if you want to get a better understanding for the Common Core Standards. Here is how they describe themselves:

“We collaborate at, sharing carefully vetted resources for teachers and teacher leaders to give our children an understanding of mathematics and skill in using it. We provide expert guidance to states, districts, curriculum writers, and assessment writers working to improve mathematics education.”

Math Pickle

An amazing resource full of fascinating mathematical puzzles, problems, investigations, and games. The sites author, Gord Hamilton, is an inspiring mathematical thinker, teacher, and creator. I was first attracted to the site for his list of unsolved problems in mathematics, one unsolved problem chosen for each grade from K-12.

3-Act-Math Lessons

Dan Meyer: The father of the 3-Act Math lesson

Robert Kaplinsky: An amazing curriculum designer, with some of the best 3-act math lessons I’ve seen.

Real World Application

Yummy Math: A ton of great real world problems and investigations, with free downloads of activity handouts, with the option to get answer keys and additional resources for under $20 a year.

Mathalicious: Real-World lessons for MS and HS that masterfully addresses common core standards while connecting those important skills to the world around them.

Desmos: Desmos started out as a free online graphing calculator, and continues to be free, but has slowly been developing amazing classroom activities that push the envelope of how EdTech can be used to foster meaningful mathematical dialogue and thinking. Their recently released Activity builder offers teachers the opportunity to offer a self-paced set of graphing, questions, and text/image slides, with a dashboard to keep track of where each student is.

Math Video Games

MathBreakers: Full disclosure, I am an advisor for this company. That said, this game rocks! A 3D first person action game, where the world is made of numbers, and mathematical puzzles and problems are seamlessly built into the game experience.

Motion Math: The first game involving fractions was extremely innovative, and they have since developed a number of other games to build a suite covering a wide range of topics.

Wuzzit Trouble: A simple game mechanic which gives practice with arithmetic, but builds up to challenging puzzles and with connections to Diophantine equations.


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