Brewster’s Millions Beta

I’m going to try this today, as a sequel to A Billion Nickels. I’m considering it in Beta, and hoping my awesome students can help concretize and enrich the task.

Act 1: $30 million in 30 Days

Possible Questions:

How much does he need to spend per day?

How do you spend money without building Assets?

Does he do it?

Can it be done?

What would 30 million 1985 dollars be be adjusted for inflation?

Act 2: Take the Wimp Clause, or go for the $300 Million?

Students work in groups to figure out how they could spend $30 million in 30 days without accumulating assets. Using the internet and recording their plan on google spreadsheet.

Act 3: What does he do, does he win the $300 million?

“He Mailed It!”


Changemaker Twist

Since our school aims to educate “change makers”, I wanted to put a twist on this plot line and ask students to think about how they could use $30 million to help people.


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One response to “Brewster’s Millions Beta

  1. Greg

    Thanks for this idea! My students enjoyed the challenge – I especially liked getting them to root their ideas in reality – many realised that it just would not be practical to actually do what they had planned.
    The question they all had at the end was “how did he do it” so it would be good to have a clip or some info on that…

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